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  Penpol Fishery is a small syndicate of like minded Anglers who enjoy fishing on a quiet lake away from the rush of daily life.

     Nestled in a beautiful valley in South East Cornwall, the lake is far away from busy roads, but instead is teaming with wildlife and beautiful surroundings.

    The lake we well equipped  it’s own landing nets and slings, and we have thee fishing huts equipped for overnight fishing that are free for fishery members to use.

     Stocked with Mirror and Common carp,from Mark Symmonds and V S fisheries,two of the UK’s most respected carp breeders, our fish have high growth potential. 


Membership is limited, but Anglers are welcome to be shown around by appointment.


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Check out what's happening at the lake..............

  • Record fish weights

  • Discuss fishing tactics

  • Fishing baits

  • Discuss fishing tackle



What's happening at Penpol

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