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Syndicate Rules




Booking Telephone Number -           Paul Twigg       07745344457   




1.         All visits must be booked in advance, however there are no limits to the number of visits.


2.         Bent shank hooks, and any known or believed to cause unnecessary damage to fish are strictly prohibited.

(Long Shank nailer type curved hooks are acceptable). All hooks must  be barbless.



3.         Carp Fishing (Bottom)….Min Size Hooks 10 . Min Size Line 10 lbs


4.         Floater or Float Fishing…Min Size Hooks 10 . Min Size Line 8 lbs


5.         No Floater fishing is allowed whilst fish are actively spawning  or ???


5.         No fishing is allowed whilst fish are actively spawning fishing will be suspended on the lake for a few days to give the fish time to recover


6.         Fixed Leads are not permitted. In the event of a mainline break the leads must be able to detach at the first hitch.


7.         Unhooking mats must be used and sited whenever possible, over grass and in the shade, they should always be cooled  down and wetted

using lake water from the buckets provided prior to placing the fish on the mat.


8.         Never stand up with fish in your arms and always take photographs of  your capture’s in the kneeling position,

with the fish as low as possible to the ground.

Carry the fish to the waters edge in a sling or net and never in your arms.

Remove rings, watches and necklaces before handling fish. Some, particularly metal expander watch straps can do serious damage to lively fish.


9.         No Nuts are to be used but particle baits are permitted. It is Imperative that all particles are prepared correctly and boiled for the correct

length of time.  Particles will be checked to ensure they have been correctly prepared

Pellet and sweet corn are also allowed but commercial trout pellet is prohibited

Bags of Pellet are available to members from the main shed at Swim 7. Cost £1 per bag – place the money in the tin

and make a note in the diary please

No Pepperami or equivalent high fat sausage are to be used


10.       No Keep nets are to be used, except for the removal of small fish or for members fishing expressly for Tench.

Carp Sacks are not permitted but landing nets are allowed for holding fish for a short period (No longer than one hour.)

Each peg is supplied with a unhooking mat – A Landing Net and Weight Sling

must be collected from the Main Shed before fishing and returned / dipped after use.

If  the weather is fine and there are other people fishing Nets/Slings should be hung up to dry after being dipped.

Last man off the lake ensure all nets and slings are placed in the Green bin whether dry or not.


Only the Nets / Slings and Landing Nets provided should be used – not your own


11.       Members are allowed to use three rods for carp fishing (Providing the relevant Environment Agency Rod Licenses are held,

Please ensure you carry these with you at all times.)

If there are more than Five anglers on the lake at any one time they you may only use Two rods.


On renewal of Rod Licences could all members forward the Licence number to Keith for the records.


12.       Syndicate members are permitted to bring one immediate family member (under 14 years) to fish the lake

            – they must use the members angling equipment.

           Children may strike runs under supervision or use a light rod for smaller fish providing it is on their hosts swim.

           Similarly, if a child is staying overnight they must share their host’s bivvy or have a second shelter/bivvy on the same swim


13.       The Cabins located around the lake are for ONE ANGLER ONLY and are to be kept clean and tidy at all times, when vacated they must be cleaned out to a high standard.


14.       No Smoking or Cooking is to take place in any of the Lake Cabins/Sheds.


15.       Members Only are allowed at the Lake – no guests or visitors are allowed at any time with the exception of

immediate family as described in article 12.


16.       Lights are to be shaded from the water at night and open fires are not permitted.

Gas and Fuel cookers are allowed.


17.       Extreme methods of breaking ice, such as sledgehammers and pickaxes are strictly prohibited, only gentle ice breaking is allowed.


18.       Drinking in moderation is fine, but drunkenness and rowdy behaviour is totally unacceptable. Remember DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.


19.       Care and consideration for your fellow syndicate members should be exercised at all times


20.       Always fish within the confines of your swim. Do not fish from 2 swims.


21.       Always take your litter home with you.


22.       Penpol is a fully working farm, livestock is often found grazing in the adjacent fields – for this reason dogs are not to be brought to the lake.


23.       No fish are to be introduced or removed from the lake unless directed by the owners.


24.       Bait Boats are allowed, please respect other anglers and swims.




1.         For security and livestock reasons both gates in the top yard should be closed at all times when entering or leaving the lake.


2.         When fishing or visiting the land please take the utmost care to avoid disturbing the owners.

You are asked, whenever possible; to be on the water before 8pm and remain until 7am.

If any movement is necessary between these time, it must be done very quietly.

Particularly around the top care park and main gate, no members are to drive past the farmhouse.


3.         Wading in any form is not encouraged due to some steep drop offs into very deep water (in some areas approx 16 ft).


4.         When requested by the owners, small fish should be placed into the appropriate holding nets or tanks.


5.         Stalking is allowed, providing that other anglers are not disturbed. There are currently no out of bounds areas for stalking,

but you are expected to show consideration for other anglers and respect for trees and undergrowth – On NO occasion are members to climb trees.


6.         All member should be in possession of an accepted bactericide.

Please use this on any wounds, sores or damage to fish, but be careful around eyes, mouths and gills


7.         Recommendations for membership will only be accepted from those who have been full  members for at least one year.


8.         Each member can propose only one person in any two-year period, providing they do not already have anyone on the waiting list.

Membership will only be given to those living in Devon and Cornwall.

Prospective members will be interviewed by the Syndicate Manager and Syndicate Bailiff,

if successful they will be put on the waiting list. Entry to the syndicate will always be based on merit and not in order of asking>


9.         Should the water have to be temporarily closed for any reason (except for spawning) a period equal to the length of the closure

will be added to the expiry date. If the fishery is permanently closed refunds of the unexpired periods together with deposits will be made


10.       Please check the authority of any stranger on the land, please be civil, in most cases they will have permission.


11.       Any member dropping out of the syndicate for valid reasons, will, on request, be placed back on the waiting list

, until such time as they request consideration for re-entry.


12.       Please ensure that the toilet and any other facility provided are kept clean at all times.


13.       Radios. DVDs and TVs are permitted, you must ensure other anglers are not disturbed.


14.       Please upload photographs of captures into the relevant logs on the website NB this is obligatory for all fish over 20lbs.

This information will assist with monitoring fish growths (most of the fish in the lake have been photographed both sides)


15.       Record all catches in the logbook/diary in the shed. From what swim and the time of capture would also be helpful.


16.       Changes and amendments to these rules can occur at annual meetings, but the owners reserve the right to amend or add to the rules

            if they deem it necessary.



17.       Members may vacate their swims for the purpose of replenishing food or bait etc but must not be off the land for more than 3 hours





19.       The appropriate E.A. Rod Licence is required


20.       The fishing year commences to the 1st April and finishes on the 31st March


            The owners have appointed Mr Micky Fitzsgerald and Mr Paul Twigg as Syndicate Co-ordinators


21.       The owners with to remind all members that renewal of membership is not an automatic right.


22.       The use of the rowing boat is strictly prohibited.


23.       All members must attend at least 2 work party’s per year.


24       Please Note – Breaches of the rules and conditions will not be taken lightly,

           Particularly those that are instigated to protect fish.

           In the event of any breaches of lake rules,the owners reserve the right to terminate membership 

           with the loss of any remaining membership fee.

           The owners wish to remind all members that renewal of membership is not an automatic right.




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